The Church’s Game 7 Moment

BravesThere has been a great article going around the web that originated with the Humans of New York site, written by a women in New York studying to be a rabbi. She makes the correlation between being in the crowd at an important baseball game and feeling the emotion and contentedness that comes when people come together around a common cause. If you have been to an important sporting event, you know this feeling.

I was struck by her honesty in the beginning. “I’m studying to be a rabbi. I’m a little worried that I’ll be out of a job because less and less people seem to find religion meaningful.” Continue reading “The Church’s Game 7 Moment”

Not Knowing What to Say, But Saying It Anyway- Random Thoughts on Gun Violence

Oregon PrayersTo be honest, I am not quite sure what to say. Perhaps that is not the best way to start a blog where you are trying to say something. So, this may seem like a post made up of random thoughts. I think that’s okay.

I know many people do have a lot to say when it comes to the subject of guns and gun violence. In full disclosure, I’ve never lived in a house where guns where present. I did not grow up going hunting or even shooting for sport. I’ve never personally lived around either a healthy or unhealthy gun environment. I know gun owners and non gun owners who are wonderful people and have a positive influence on my life. Among my non-clergy friends, I suspect I am in the minority when it comes to gun ownership. Continue reading “Not Knowing What to Say, But Saying It Anyway- Random Thoughts on Gun Violence”