From Danny- Envy

Real PeopleThis week I had the pleasure of being a guest of the Community Assistance Center on the occasion of the CAC receiving a brand new Sprinter van from Mercedes-Benz. The van will greatly assist the CAC in taking people and goods to where they need to go, allowing the CAC to serve 15% more people than they do currently. Mercedes- Benz USA is new to metro Atlanta, currently being housed in an office park in Dunwoody. They will be moving in 2017 to a brand new development in Sandy Springs, about a mile and a half from the church, which is great news for us in terms of new people to reach. Continue reading “From Danny- Envy”

From Danny- Real People, Real Problems, Real Help- Anxiety

Real People“Your problem is how you are going to spend this one and precious life you have been issued. Whether you’re going to spend it trying to look good and creating the illusion that you have power over circumstances, or whether you are going to taste it, enjoy it,and find out the truth about who you are.” Anne Lamott
Anne Lamott gets right to the point. Are we going to constantly be anxious about our life or are we going to taste life, enjoy life, and be who God has created us to be. During his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus also gets right to the point, “Who among you by worrying can add a single moment to your life?” 

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Real People Real Problems Real Help- Loneliness

Real PeopleThere is a stretch of Route 50 as you travel through Nevada that has been dubbed “the loneliest road in America.” That particular stretch of road spans desolate terrain marked by several large valleys and basins. There are long distances between the small towns along the road and travelers rarely see other cars. One has the feeling they are the only person for miles and miles.

Route 50 serves as a good metaphor for how many feel on the journey of life. We live in a time where we might feel more digitally connected, but face to face we are disconnected. Once upon a time we lived in homes with large front porches, which served as family and community gathering places. Now, we drive into our garage, park our car, and quickly close the garage door. A key feature of many homes is a large private backyard, one where we can safely hide away from our neighbors. Continue reading “Real People Real Problems Real Help- Loneliness”

First Day of School

Austin“When they did not find him, they returned to Jerusalem to search for him. After three days they found him in the temple, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them question”

If you are looking for a child or teenager, this is where you will find them these days, sitting among the teachers, listening and asking questions.We sent our 2nd grader off to school complete with new backpack, lunchbox, and shoes yesterday. We took the requisite picture at the door and in front of the school sign to mark this joyous occasion. One of the wonderful things about social media is you get to share in back to school pictures of friends and acquaintances both near and far.

I may be taking a leap here, but everyone is excited about the first day of school. You could feel it in the air. Everything is in front of you- students excited that the slate is wiped clean and straight A’s are on the table, teachers hoping beyond hope that they finally will get the perfect class. Everyone loves the first day of school. Continue reading “First Day of School”