Lessons from the Side of the Road

Parables SeriesI have returned from some time in Columbus, Ohio at the General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).. Mary Michael and I rented a house with another couple in a neighborhood called Short North. This afforded us about a half mile walk each day to and from the convention center. I told our roommates for the week that Short North could best be described as “high rollers, hipsters, and homeless.”The diversity in people who lived, worked, and played in the neighborhood was both refreshing and challenging. It is interesting to walk to a church gathering and walk past a number of homeless people on your walk. A lot goes on in both your heart and your head. It’s one thing to spend time singing and praying for justice and a whole other thing to be confronted with issues of justice just moments later Continue reading “Lessons from the Side of the Road”

From Danny- What If God Threw a Party and No One Showed Up?

Parables SeriesOne of the favorite holiday traditions in our family has been a Christmas Open House in December. We’ve enjoyed hosting new members in our home here in Atlanta the last few years. We moved to Indiana in November of 2008 and thought that an Open House would be a great way to get to know people in the church and in the neighborhood.  So, we cleaned the house (actually, it gave us motivation to unpack most everything), prepared food, made sure the Christmas decorations were up, prepared food, set up extra chairs and prepared more food. We were ready for a large group of people who we either barely knew or didn’t know at all to show up at our house. Continue reading “From Danny- What If God Threw a Party and No One Showed Up?”

From Bryant- Is God Reckless?

Parables SeriesToday’s post is from Bryant Gibson, Director of Youth and Children’s Ministry. Bryant will be continuing our Stories That Changed the World series by looking at the Parable of the Sower.

I love Netflix… But, I also hate Netflix.   I’m sure you all know what Netflix is by this time, but just in case you aren’t quite on the technology train yet, Netflix is a steaming movie service that offers thousands of movies and TV shows instantly for a small monthly fee.  The movies change from time to time and update to newer shows giving viewers the choice to watch anything from old Andy Griffith reruns to the latest and greatest super hero movie.  We’ve come a long way since holding the TV antenna for dad to make sure he can see the baseball game. Continue reading “From Bryant- Is God Reckless?”

Inspector Gadget, New Life, and General Assembly

My 10 year old self had a dedicated routine on Saturday mornings, provided I did not have an early soccer game. I would wake up, pour myself a bowl of cereal, and sit down to watch Inspector Gadget. The inspector came on every Saturday morning at 8 AM (what can I say, I was an early riser). Saturday after Saturday, this was my beloved and cherished routine; until one Saturday morning it was not. Continue reading “Inspector Gadget, New Life, and General Assembly”

From Katie- Salt, Light and the Good Life

Parables SeriesToday’s post is by Katie Gibson, Director of Youth and Children’s Ministry. Katie continues our Stories That Changed the World series this Sunday with her message, “Salt,Light, and the Good Life.”

Dr. Fred Craddock tells about the time he was to give two lectures in mid-October at the University of Winnipeg in Canada. He gave the first one on a Friday night, but, by the next morning, there was two feet of snow covering the area. His host couldn’t get to him so he suggested that Dr. Craddock walk down the block to a bus depot, which had a café. He made it to the café where other stranded strangers were gathered. He asked for a menu and a man in a greasy apron said, “What do you want a menu for? We have soup – that’s all.” Continue reading “From Katie- Salt, Light and the Good Life”

80s Movies, Crossing Boundaries, and Jesus

Can't buy me loveI have a great appreciation for 80s movies, the ones we recognize as classics today. I admit I had not thought about the lead actress from Can’t Buy Me Love, Amanda Peterson, in many years until the news broke yesterday that she had passed away. Can’t Buy Me Love is the iconic 80s film that made Patrick Dempsey famous the first time around. I once made several people in my youth ministry watch it because they had only seen the horrible mid 2000s remake and I could not in good conscience let them go through life without seeing the original.  Continue reading “80s Movies, Crossing Boundaries, and Jesus”

From Danny- God Is Not Fair!

Parables SeriesWhen I was in college, the Dave Matthews Band had just become the biggest band in the country.They were coming to the Omni in Atlanta (the arena before Philips Arena) on their first major concert tour and some friends and I decided that we would make the trip over to see them. Tickets for the show went on sale about three months before the actual show. We wanted good seats and also wanted to ensure that we got tickets in general, as the show was sure to sell out in quick fashion. Continue reading “From Danny- God Is Not Fair!”