Thoughts on Baltimore

It is difficult to watch what is happening in Baltimore. It is especially hard to watch given what took place in Ferguson. One has to wonder how in the world this can happen again so soon. A man dies in questionable fashion due to injuries while in police custody. A few days of peaceful protests turn violent and riots begin. Continue reading “Thoughts on Baltimore”

Earth Day- Doing Something (Or There Will Be No Coffee)

Today is Earth Day and I am thinking about creation. I will fully admit that in our house I too often place items that should be in the recycling in the garbage. Thanks goodness Mary Michael is passionate about the planet and is willing to make sure things get in the right place! Continue reading “Earth Day- Doing Something (Or There Will Be No Coffee)”

From Danny to Sandy Springs Christian Church- April 16, 2015

safe_image (1)Dear Friends,

I hope you are doing well and continuing to bask in the Good News of our Lord’s resurrection. In the days since we celebrated Easter, you have built a house in Mexico, made 300 sandwiches for MUST and committed to collect 1500 pounds of food for the Community Assistance Center while also participating in their summer lunch drive. These acts of service are a testimony to your trust in the news of resurrection as together we are living it out.  Continue reading “From Danny to Sandy Springs Christian Church- April 16, 2015”

HOLY WEEK – Easter Sunday Devotion

Easter AdEaster Sunday, April 5
Mark 16:1-8

One of the great failings of humanity is that when events, when moments in life are so powerful, so big, so meaningful, we have to figure out a way to explain it. Rather than delighting in the mystery of the holy, we get lost in seeking to fully explain it. Continue reading “HOLY WEEK – Easter Sunday Devotion”